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You may be aware that running a hairdryer or other household appliances will soothe a crying infant. However, with infant reflux, it may be more challenging depending on the severity. We discovered that combinations of sounds had a greater impact. As a result, we created a collection of CDs specifically for Infant Reflux. Experiment at home to find the right combination for your infant.

We are passionate about infant safety and protecting environmental resources. The unsupervised running of appliances throughout the night is both a safety and environmental concern.

We are professionals in healthcare and had a daughter with two forms of reflux, colic, along with Brachycephaly and gastroesophageal torticollis. We created the CDs for our daughter when we were unable to locate exactly what we needed and we now share the CD collection with other infant reflux families. In addition we had thoroughly documented what we had found to be most effective in managing pediatric reflux. We take our responsibility to you and your family as seriously as we take our responsibility to our daughter’s health and safety.


Our products are digitally recorded and minimally doctored so as to maintain the natural frequency of the sounds. Professionals recorded these sounds in real settings. We offer a more significant fade than other CDs in order to provide no sound cessation on a CD Player Loop. We offer downloads and CDs. If using a CD, play the CD on a stereo or radio that has a loop mode. You may consider using two different radios with the CDs on different time settings for even less interruption.

Advantages of Infant Reflux Sleep Aid CDs

• Safety: It is better for the environment and safer for your baby than running unsupervised appliances through the night.
• Portability: You can take it with you to a hotel or grandma’s house.
• Control: Decibel levels are a key component to using sound in order to soothe your baby.

Products Offered:

Vacuum Cleaner
Washer Machine
Clothes Dryer
Box Fan
Running Faucet
Clothes Dryer & Washer Machine
Hairdryer & Vacuum
Running Faucet, Box Fan, & Hairdryer
Washer Machine, Hairdryer, Dishwasher, & Clothes Dryer
Box Fan and Hairdryer

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CD - Faucet, Box Fan, Hairdryer

CD - Washer Machine

CD - Clothes Dryer & Washer Machine