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Sleep Training

Since sleep aversion is one of the primary symptoms in baby reflux, you have probably considered sleep training. As your child grows and you see a reduction in other symptoms: i.e absence of coughing /gagging and spitting up, or ability to lay flat without discomfort, you may be thinking that repeated waking is a result of habit. It is difficult to say. So, if your infant is still early in their diagnosis, then consider a few suggestions to prevent habitual waking post infant reflux. Do not rock your infant at night or have them sleep in your bed.

We know it is gut-wrenching to see your baby in such pain. Instead, address all other possible needs: change diaper, give some water, change lighting (too dark or bright), check to see if they are too hot or cold, and as always change positioning. Have them in looser clothing so that tight clothing is not a consideration.

Most people will rub their babies back for reassurance if all else fails. This is a challenge being your infant may be sleeping in a car seat or on a wedge. You may want to lay your hand on their chest or stomach indicating awareness of their pain. Some parents have also placed the car seat in the crib to ensure their infant did not become crib averse. Pull up a chair and sit with them. If you feel you must hold your infant in the optimum upright position, then do not rock. Remember you may be sleep deprived and putting your family at serious risk when doing this or having an infant in your bed.

Before four months, sleep habits are not as well formed. However, if you or your spouse are picking up and rocking your infant at night, you may develop a sleep habit that you will have to break. In addition, the frequent night time waking may not be from reflux or food reaction but from a need to be rocked. Ultimately complicating your hard work in observing and treating their condition. Instead, work to figure out what may help. As infant reflux resolves usually when they begin walking, then certainly assess sleep training around this time.


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